Reala, Executive Director

Performer: Poi, Staff, Fleshing, Eating, Fingers, Torches, Swords, Breathing, Power Stilts


Smokey Mike, Technical/ Safety Director

Smokey Mike keeps all the performers safe and legal  He's our main contact with local fire authorities and assures our shows are safe and fun.


Smokey Mike


Performer: Poi, Fans, Fingers, Fleshing, Fire Eating, Belly Dance



Performer: Hula-Hoop, Staff, Swords, Fire Eating, Fixed Stilts, Jumping Stilts


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Holly Hoopster

Performer: Hula-Hoop, Poi
Holly Hoopster


Performer: Rope Dart, Nun-Chucks, Staff, Poi, Swords

 Jedi McMaster
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Performer: Hula-Hoop, Eating, Staff


Aspen Moon

Performer: Poi, Staff, Double Staff, Fleshing, Eating, Torches, Sword, Fixed/ Power Stilts


Past Members, Supporters, and the fire artist who helped get us this far..

Raziel: Performer: Poi / Staff / Double Staff / Torches / Dagger Poi / Swords / Power Stilts
Backbone: Performer: Poi / Staff / Swords / Double Staff / Power Stilts
Chaps, Performer: Poi / Staff  / Fleshing / Eating / Torches / Fingers / Belly Dance
Blossom, Performer: Poi / Fans / Fingers / Fleshing / Fire Eating / Belly Dance 
Clayton, Performer: Contact Staff / Nunchuks
Terry, Performer: Poi / Staff / Hula Hoops / Nunchuks
Stephenie, Fire Safety
Bretni, Performer: Poi / Staff / Swords / Baton / Juggling / Fire Fingers / Power Stilts
Del, Performer: Poi
Queen Mab, Performer: Wings
Ian, Performer: Poi / Staff & Double Staff / Juggling / Fleshing / Eating / Torches
Noel, Performer: Poi / Staff / Juggling
Legs, Performer: Hoops
April 23, Performer: Poi
Carol Coleman, Performer: Sword
Lisa Lis, Performer: Hoops  
Galen Schuck, Performer: Juggling / Staff  
Mouse, Chaos performer in absentia: Diabolo / Poi / Devil Stix
Amy Jo Sunshine, Performer: Poi / African Dance / Drums  
Galen Schuck, Performer: Staff / Juggling / Drums    
Johnny George, Performer: Staff  & Double Staff / Poi
Bunz, Performer: Poi /  Fleshing / Eating / Jump Rope
Gypsy,  Performer: Poi / Staff & Double Staff / Fleshing / Eating / Fingers
Bryse Berryessa, Performer: Staff & Double Staff / Poi / Meteor
Kathy Jo, Performer: Fingers / African Dance
Jennifer Matthys, Performer: Poi  
Jason Johnson, Performer: Staff
Stephen Dean, Performer: Staff / Juggling / Fire Breathing
Scotty Scrapmetal, Performer: Staff
Miranda Murray, Performer: Poi / Fingers / Breathing

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Smokey Mike Brady
Domenic Smalley

Safety Support Staff


Other Safety Staff

Joanna Coolidge, EMT

John Mendy,
Emergency Response,
Black Rock Ranger,
and Fire Safety
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Thanks to the photographers who work closely with us. All images on this website come from these amazing photographers.

All photos on this page (except as noted) by
TC Christensen/Enigmatic Mirror

Other photographers supporting Incendiary Circus:
Josh Blumental
Jason Savvy
Tara Sudweeks
Doug Simms
Renee Lee

Silky Brett Colvin

Silky has filmed and photographed Incendiary Circus since we began burning it up in 2003. His short film of our Element 11 performance will be available in the next few weeks. Thanks Silky!

Logo Design: Backbone, Aspen, Martin Stensaas

Web Design: Backbone, Mindmeldworks, LLC.

A very special thanks goes to the Utah Arts Alliance for their long-time support of Incendiary Circus. The UAA has donated the facility in which we hold our community fire arts practices.

James DJ Illoom, Drum Master
Amy Jo Sunshine
Joseph DJ Djunya
Michelle Fisher
Dave Hermann
  Robert Gittins
Dan Flynn
Galen Schuck
Golden Gibson
Thanks to the many unnamed individuals who have put energy into Incendiary Circus. It takes a Tribe!

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