IC Safety Guideline 


Incendiary Circus Fire Safety Guidelines

Safety is the most important aspect of all fire performance. We make sure all regulations are followed. We will meet any additional safety requirements necessary for the show to comply with individual, city, county, and/or state regulations.  

  1. All performers are fully permitted and insured. All performers carry $3 million liability insurance through Specialty Insurance Agency of New Richmond, Wisconsin.
  2. Safety is our number one priority. All performers shall be trained in basic first aid. The troupe has several licensed nurses on staff. There is always an emergency medical/burn kit at each performance.
  3. There is always a fire safety specialist available for each performance, more as required. All performers and safeties have been trained in all aspects of creating a safe performance space and what actions to take in the event of unplanned fire. All performers and safeties shall wear fire resistant clothing or fabric that have been treated with fire retardant chemicals.
  4. Fire equipment is checked for any damage before every use. Fire tools are professionally made with special attention to durability and secure wick attachments. Our equipment is always available for inspection by the Fire Marshall or their designee, and all performers are available to demonstrate the use of the tools in the performance prior to the start of the show.
  5. The Fueling station is roped off and kept at a safe distance from the performance space, and is clearly labeled with appropriate warnings and is designed to uphold all safety requirements made by the Fire Marshall.
  6. Fuel is stored in a well-marked, self-closing, fire-rated container. When the fuel station is not in use, all fuel containers shall be closed. Lighting of all fire tools is a minimum of 15 feet from the fuel station.
  7. Our fuel choice will always comply with city, county, state jurisdiction.
  8. There is ABC fire extinguisher(s) present and ready to be used at all times.
  9. There are several water soaked towels next to the performance space, duvetyne fire towels, and a specialized burn kit on site.
  10. The audience is kept at a minimum of 10 feet all directions from the flame. There is No smoking or fire allowed near the fueling station.
  11. When performing indoors, there shall always be clearly marked exit signs with 2 exit areas. The venue shall have automatic sprinkler system.
  12. Ceiling height should be a minimum of 10 feet. There shall be an adequate ventilation system to clear any residual smoke from the performance tool from the performance and spectators area.

Incendiary Circus continues to practice the highest safety standards in the industry, and has maintained a 100% accident and injury free performance record.

Incendiary Circus has a 43 page Fire Safety Manual all performers must read, test and sign off.


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