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Our Mission
Incendiary Circus, LLC exists to promote the enjoyment, art, and inspiration of fire performance. We support all levels of learning, from beginner to professional, with an emphasis on the individual rewards that come through active participation, personal challenge, and social interaction.

We're in it for the fun!

Incendiary Circus was founded in 2003.  Since that time the troupe has grown to dozens of individual fire freaks that make up our multi-talented Tribe. 
Our fire performances are a spectacle unlike any other.  We emphasize our unique expression and love for fire through dance, stunts, music, and costumes that enhance the look and feel of fire performance.

Our fire performer artists specialize in Poi (chains), Staff, Fire Fingers, Fire Hoops, Fire Eating, Fleshing (skin contact), Juggling, Fire Swords, Fire Breathing and many other fire tools.  We offer free safety instruction, and media information about the growing popularity of fire as a medium for art.

Each of the professional performers in our troupe carry liability insurance specific to fire performance. 


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Reala First Night 2008

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Bryce Great Salt Lake

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